🎉🎓 Graduation 27.11.2020 🎓🎉

Congratulations to our graduating students who have worked so hard to get to this day. 

We wish you all health and success for the future.  Take care #lexisfamily

FCE graduates Elaine Teruya from Brazil and Carles Franch Quilez from Spain.
FCE graduates Juan David Rodriguez Lozano & Santiago Troncoso Trivino from Colombia.
Advanced graduate Namthip Saisawat from Thailand.
CAE graduates Ivana Barozzi from Switzerland, Hyeonah Kim from South Korea, Sara Patino Foronda from Colombia, Anabel Perez Moruno from Spain, Daria Toschi from Italy and Vanessa Camacho Orjuela from Colombia
Focus Cambridge graduates Pedro Penuela Poveda & Daniel Mosquera Ceron from Colombia and Deniz Asam from Turkey