Cambridge Classes SEP – NOV 2019

Congratulations to all our of Lexis Noosa Cambridge students for completing their courses this week. Now leading up to your exams we wish you all good luck and all the best in the future. Let’s take a look at your time over the last three months at Lexis Noosa.

Thank you for all the memories we have shared over the last three months! And thank you for choosing Lexis Noosa to complete your Cambridge studies!

Suzie’s Cambridge CPE Class – Leo, Amelie, Gina, Luca M, Luca T, Melina, Nicola, Liliane, Mathias and Jeannine.

Elieen’s Cambridge CAE CLass – Stefan, Chiara, Julia, Jessica, Ana, Gregory, Anja, Lea, Shoko and Fabienne.

Phil’s Cambridge CAE Class – Kathrin, Liam, Bianca, Andrea, Karolina, Julia, Miranda, Astrid, Linn and Chiharu

Lize’s Cambridge FCE Class – Sarah, Cyrill, Celine, Katja, Andrea, Taekyeong, Lea, Julia, Valentina, Coralie, Laisa and Vendula

        Annette’s Cambridge FCE Class – Basil, Julia, Camilla, Lorena, Kotoyo, Selina, Annik, Hugo, Lars, Subin, Rion, Andrea, Akari and Luana.