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Study and Work

There are great work opportunities available at all Lexis locations, and our staff are happy to assist students in finding work. We encourage students to take advantage of Lexis' great free work program, the 'Lexis Workshop' to help them with resume preparation and interview skills too! Below students share their personal experiences of work and study at Lexis English.



 Dariusz, Poland

"I am from Poland, but I have been living in Spain for 10 years. I enrolled in a three month General English course at Lexis English. My wife and I came to Australia to travel and study English.

My wife and I share a house with two Australian boys in the suburbs.

I am a chef back in Spain, so I found it very easy to find a job here in Brisbane. I'm currently working in a hotel doing the breakfast shift on Saturday and Sunday mornings. On weekdays, I work in the mornings from 3am until 7am at the local horse race track preparing the race horses for their training - it's a really interesting job and my wife also works there. When we arrived in Brisbane my wife wanted to get a job working with horses so we went to the track and handed in our CV, to our surprise we got jobs straight away!"




 Inigo, Spain

"At the moment I am studying Cambridge FCE in Lexis Brisbane. I enjoy the school because everyone tries to help me with my English. Although my English is not the best, I think I am improving all of my skills. I chose Brisbane because it's not a big city, but there are a lot of fun places and the weather is great!

I am working in a tennis club as a tennis teacher. I like my job because there is a lot of contact with Australian people. Also I am teaching them to improve their tennis skills and that makes me happy.

It was pretty difficult to find a job in my case, however, actually I think it is not so difficult to find a job in this city. There are a lot of different kinds of jobs and the students here are active - always looking for new opportunities. So to find a job you must be active, constant, polite and of course, the job will come.

I think that my experience in Australia is providing me a lot of good English experiences, good work experience and the opportunity to meet people from everywhere around the world. I'll never forget this experience in my life!"




Judit, Hungary

"My name is Judit and I come from Hungary. I am currently studying IELTS preparation for six months at Lexis Brisbane. I chose Brisbane to study English because my husband's family lives here. The teachers at Lexis are very kind and have helped me improve a lot.

I am also working at a nursing home. I really like it because it helps me to use my English and I will be able to use the skills in my future profession. My job was easy to find and although I didn't go to the Lexis job workshop to find this job, I have heard it is a very useful option for students who are looking for work.

When I return to Hungary, I am sure I will have a lot of experience to take back with me. I have met a lot of people from different countries at Lexis English and learnt more about cultures around the world. It is very important to me to have my English language improve and I would like to stay in Australia a long time."



Hitomi, Japan

"Hello! I'm from Japan and I'm studying General English here at Lexis Brisbane for 17 weeks. I'd never been to Australia before, but I looked at pictures of Brisbane and thought I wanted to go there. It looked like a beautiful and safe city. Also, I like the river. My favourite places in Brisbane are South Bank, the Botanic Gardens and Roma Parklands.

I live in a share house in East Brisbane. I like it there and my friends live close.

I'm working as a waitress in a Japanese restaurant. I found the job on a website. At first, I thought that I could only be a kitchen-hand because my English wasn't good. But when I went to the restaurant, the kitchen was full and they needed a waitress, so I said, 'Ok, I'll try'. I've been working there for three weeks. Sometimes I don't understand the customers, but they are very kind and friendly to me if I make a mistake, so I'm happy.

I will stay in Australia for one year, or maybe two years. Here, I am experiencing a different culture and a different life. I will take this experience back to Japan with me. And, of course, I will be able to speak English very well!"


Toshi, Japan

"I'm taking the Cambridge CAE course at the moment, for 11 weeks. I used to live in Brisbane before, so I came back. At that time I couldn't speak any English, but now it is good to be back and be able to speak English to people. The course is very challenging and everything around me in the school is very exciting.

I live close to the centre of Brisbane at Kangaroo Point and live with my work mates in a share house.

In Brisbane, if you want to get a job, you have to hand out your resume straight away. This is the best way to get a job. I now have a job in a Japanese restaurant and I like my work. I work with people from many different nationalities, and we speak English together.

Having the opportunity to work with people from so many different nationalities has made me more open-minded.

I'm enjoying my time in Oz very much."


 GP, Korea

"After I graduated I worked as a cleaner in Woolworths - it was midnight until 7am and it was a really hard time for me, as I was also preparing for my IELTS exam at the same time. I realised that I had no leisure time and no days off - so I decided that I wanted to change my job to something in the daytime.

I got a job at the Cardamom Pod as a dishwasher - I started with two shifts and now I have six or seven - and I also introduced another person to my manager for a job. I went to my first Australian party, it wasn't too crazy - just some music and beer!

I also saw some guys cleaning on morning near Woolworths, they had a 6am until 8am shift - so I asked how they got their cleaning work. One of the guys was going to Melbourne for work so I took his job. It is seven days a week and is good money!

I then found another cleaning job in the newspaper - I am working with a Brazilian girl who lives at South Golden Beach. She has two children and is a very strong woman. We work near Aldi and she looks after me.

Amy at Lexis corrected my CV for me and it helped for sure. There was some fundamental things like putting on a reference, and Amy was my first reference.

My advice to any students looking for work in Byron Bay is that if you get help from another person, then make sure that you don't forget the help, and help another person too - the community going around will make you lucky. The reason I got the job at the Cardamom Pod is that I was helping someone that worked there with her homework. I also cover shifts even if it means I am working day and night. And keep trying!

My favourite thing about being in Byron Bay is that I have changed. When I was at university there were lots of policies and I walked the way that other people would usually go. Now I make my own way, and make my own decisions.

At university there was just one answer, and now here in Byron there are lots of choices. For example, today I had a Spanish lesson in the library - it was great! I feel really enthusiastic, there are no limitations."




 Rosane, Brazil

"The lifestyle here is really similar to Brazil - there are so many beaches to choose from, you can surf and dive; and also it has a small village feel. Am I happy? Of course I'm happy!

I have had lots of different teachers because I have been here for a long time - it's good as they all teach in different ways and it gives me variety.

I found it really easy to find accommodation in Byron Bay - there are a lot of options. I lived in the Student House, and then a share house - after that I found a studio with my boyfriend, but now we live in a house together with some friends.

I work at Slice Pizzeria in Byron Bay - near the beach. I have plenty of hours - enough for my student visa! I wrote my CV and Katherine, my teacher at Lexis, helped me to correct it. The Lexis reception staff printed copies for me and I took them to all of the restaurants and cafes in the area.

I don't have any friends in Byron Bay that don't have a job - you just have to be persistent. I think that in Byron Bay it is a good thing to be dedicated - they like people that try hard!

When I finish FCE I will stay and work in Byron Bay for another two months, and then I will travel around Asia. After this I am going to volunteer in South Africa!

Living alone has meant that I know myself better - I think I have become a stronger person. Also I have met people from all over the world, we are at school together so it is more intensive. I have learnt so much about different cultures. Also my job lets me practice my English and communicate with Australian people!"




 Da Vinci, Korea

"I have travelled all around Australia and Byron Bay is the best place for me - it's really close to the beach, there is a slow pace of life... Nobody is in a hurry, it is very peaceful and relaxing!

I live in a share house - it is in a great location behind the farmers market. It wasn't so easy to find, but I live with really friendly people.

I work as a chef in an Asian takeaway restaurant called Noodle Box, and I have plenty of hours. A friend introduced me to the job. I enjoy it - I have a really good boss. English has definitely helped me with the job, with communicating and understanding people.

Well, I won't be leaving Byron! I want to stay here for four years so that I can apply for permanent residency. But I will take away something from my time at Lexis - Kathleen was a wonderful teacher, she explained everything really well and I really appreciated her. Also Amy and Lisa are really friendly!

I can offer a couple of tips to students: Don't be absent at school! Also - always be at peace, go to the beach as much as you can, speak only in English, take your time - and remember - if you don't speak English then you won't find an Australian wife!"



David & Carmen, Spain

"We are from Toledo, Spain. We both started in the General English Pre-Intermediate class and progressed through Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and finally made it into the IELTS program.

We started in April 2012 and we came to Byron Bay by chance, we didn't know anything about it, but we think this is the BEST place to study. Sometimes the teachers are tough on us, but this is so valuable and we are pretty happy with all of them.

We are now living and working at Aabi's, which is hotel accommodation directly opposite the Lexis school. We have lived in 2 more houses before this. The first one was with an Aussie couple and it was the best experience that we could have. The other one was with an Aussie family - like a Homestay family - and it was so sweet, like how we would live with our parents as they cooked delicious meals for us and really cared for us - like our parents.

We really enjoyed our time here!! You can do any type of sports and above ALL - the water sports are amazing - I (Carmen) love swimming and David loves surfing every day. the people here are totally different; everyone is relaxed and calm. You only have to enjoy your life here.

Actually we are working for free accommodation at Aabi's deluxe apartments. We found it advertised on the Lexis student's noticeboard. We called Aabi's, then we did training and finally we got the job!.

We have so many experiences in Byron to never forget and we want to stay in Byron all the time that we can. We are sure that when we do have to finally leave for Spain, we will remember this time for all our lives."



Felipe, Brazil

Felipe is a 20 year old Brazilian student who is studying for his IELTS exam at Lexis Byron Bay. Felipe works twenty hours per week at the Cypress Tree Greek restaurant in Byron Bay, working evenings and weekend shifts.

"I was really lucky to get this job. A friend was leaving town and needed a replacement so I was hired straight away! It's perfect for me with my studies."




Enrico, Italy

"My name is Enrico and I come from Turino, Italy. I am studying General English for 6 months and am very happy in Byron Bay. I really like my teachers because they have a great attitude towards teaching English and they capture my attention in class due to their unconventional teaching style.

My life is great here. I live in a studio/share house near Belongil Beach. When I have free time I have fun and enjoy the natural environment in Byron Bay and it is something I will always remember. When I experienced real nature, then I began to understand more about myself and more importantly a realisation you are not the centre of the universe and are only a guest of this environment. This is what I will take home to Italy.

I am currently working at the moment as an 'Abbajuor' or a Sous Chef at an Italian restaurant in Byron. Finding work depends on your experience and your personality and sometimes a little bit of luck. I also worked in Byron two years ago in 2011.

One day, I want to mix my tradition and technique with the food found in the Australian natural environment - this will be a new world. I am very interested in educating people about food and I want them to understand that food should be part of their ancestral history and their story too."


Vitor, Brazil

"My name is Vitor and I am from Belo Horitzonte in Brazil. I have been studying English language in Australia for 12 months now and during this time have gained a lot of experience in both my life and language skills. I started my English language course in General English as a Pre-Intermediate student and now have just completed the Cambridge English FCE exam. The quality of my schools (Lexis English) facilities and the teachers is just fantastic. Learning English here in Australia has given me the opportunity to study and work alongside many different cultures. My job is at the Noosa Heads Surf Lifesaving Club and it is a great job. I get to work with nice people, practice my English, and look at an amazing view of Noosa's ocean every time!

I now have the confidence to travel all over the world, because with English language you can communicate in most places. My friend recommended Australia to me and I am glad I decided to study English here, it is an amazing, friendly country and I am hoping to stay and complete a Diploma of Events in 2015."




Sachi, Japan

"Hello, my name is Sachi and I am from Yamagata in Japan. This is my 4th time to Australia and I am studying at Lexis English at the Noosa campus for 10 months in total and have completed 6 months already. I started my General English course at Elementary level and now I am in the Upper Intermediate class. I chose Noosa because my city in Japan is in the countryside and I didn't want to study in a big city, or a busy place. My agency in Japan introduced Noosa to me and I was very happy with this suggestion. I am very glad I decided to study in Noosa because the school is not too big and it is easier to talk to other students and make good friends. I love my teachers; they are very helpful and kind. I always feel comfortable to speak to them if I have a question.

I am living in a share house now with both Australian and international people and it is a 15 minute walk to school. At first I lived with a homestay family for 8 weeks and had a good experience. I am still in contact with my host family and they are very nice to me.

I am also working as a kitchen hand at a restaurant and I love my job. Some students say their work is hard but my job is very good. My boss is helpful, funny and nice and even told me I can bring my textbook to work and they will help me with my English. I have been working here for 3 months now and my friend passed this job to me. I work 3 hour shifts and this suits me with my study schedule and also gives me time to relax when I can.

When I finish my English course I will go back to Japan but I want to return to Australia and study a nursing course here."




Stanislava, Slovakia

"Hello, my name is Stanka and I am from a town called Zilina in Slovakia.
I am studying General English at an Intermediate level and then after 4 weeks holiday, I will start an 11 week Cambridge English course, which makes me happy. I decided to study at Lexis Noosa because it is not such a big city and the school offers a really nice beachside location. I am happy my agency suggested Noosa; I think it was definitely the best choice for me. My class is perfect and I have a great teacher named Annette, her explanations are very easy to understand. The school is very nice, has a good open space and courtyard. I feel very comfortable and happy at this school.

At the moment I am living in a share house, which is ten minutes walking distance to the school. I have also found a job and I am very happy so far. I am working as a waitress and kitchen hand at a very nice country/golf club called 'Noosa Springs'. I think this is a great opportunity to learn English out of a classroom because everyone is always speaking English and I need to understand what they are saying. I have met an Australian girl who was hired at the same time as me and has invited me to dinner, so I hope to make many friends while I am in Australia.

When I finish my course, my plan is to travel around Australia before I return home. I am sure I will take back many nice memories but also invaluable work experience through my job opportunity and hopefully a Cambridge English qualification."




Ayumi, Japan

"I like my English teachers here in Noosa. I feel the students and teachers' relationship is really close and creates an atmosphere that we can communicate easily wtih teachers.

My English has improved since I've studied at Lexis and I am satisfied with my progress.

I started off with two months Homestay accommodation, but now live in a share house. I have lived with Chinese, German, Korean and Japanese people - making an effort to put myself in where I would communicate in English.

At first I wanted to go home, but it turned into opposite during six months. Now I want to remain here.

A former Lexis student has introduced me to my job, and now I am working at Noosa Club Timeshare Resort. My friend who also studies at Lexis was very kind and helped me to write a resume.

Sometimes it can be a struggle to communicate when I need to train new staff, but with gestures I have been managing it and it also helps to improve my speaking skills. There are quite a number of international students doing a job like me at different resorts.

I used to be an assistant at a dentist. I applied for a job at a dentist but had no luck at that time because my level of English was too low. When my English improves, I would like to try again.

I came to Noosa for my hobby, which is surfing and mainly because I wanted to get enough English to apply for an international delegation dental program in Thailand a year after."



 Jonatas, Brazil

"I came to Lexis Noosa in March. After attending the Job Workshop with Phil I was confident enough to apply for work. I searched online and both my wife and I got jobs with TJS, a cleaning company with offices all around Australia.

After three months I was promoted to supervisor and now have sole responsibility for a team of cleaners at the Noosa Surf Club, including my wife.

My Lexis Workshop teacher Phil helped me very much in securing a job quickly. I am an advertising director in Brazil and hopefully this means that I can extend my study in Australia with the hope of one day working in advertising either in Australia or America."




Honami, Japan

"My name is Honami and I am from Sapporo, Japan. I am studying General English full-time for 3 months and after starting in an Elementary class, I have moved up to a Pre-Intermediate class. My teachers are very nice and make my lessons fun and interesting.

I am now working and found the Lexis job workshop was very valuable for me. My teacher helped me find the confidence I needed to get my job and was also the person who got me the interview. I am working at the coffee and fruit shop right near the school. My work hours are flexible but I mostly work in the morning before school and also after school. I work Monday to Friday and like it because my weekends are still free."


Saverio, Italy

Sevario spent his time in Noosa working part time at the famous Berado's Restaurant on Hastings Street.

"Although it was hard work it was a useful experience and certainly helped improve my English. The money was very good too. When I left Noosa, I passed my job to my classmate and now he is working there."


 Jean-Sebastien, France

"I am from the north of France in a city called Lille, which is close to both Paris and Belgium. I have studied full-time General English at Lexis Noosa for two months and have another month to go. I started my course at an Intermediate level and thanks to my great teachers, have now progressed to an Upper-Intermediate class. The teachers here are very kind, patient, funny and very genuine, which makes learning English much easier. On Wednesday afternoons I am fortunate enough to spend time with a Noosa local and exchange French conversation for English conversation. From this, I have been welcomed into an Australian family and invited over for events, such as Easter.

I chose Noosa because it is not too big, I liked the website (which has nice pictures), and it is a nice quiet place to study. I really like the relaxed lifestyle, which suits studying, and it has great beaches and markets.

I live in Noosaville in a Homestay family. I am very happy because this is a really nice family. My hostmother was a teacher at Lexis English, and I am lucky enough to have her help me with my homework, to have her correct me when I make a mistake, and she also speaks a lot to me, which helps with my conversation.

I am currently working as part of the Noosa Food and Wine Festival, which is one of the biggest events in Noosa with over 30,000 people attending. I work as a waiter and also assist wtih food preparation. My job is great because I get to meet a lot of new and interesting people and also learn new things! I don't want to go back and am searching for opportunities to stay, so I am thinking of enrolling in a TAFE course after my English studies."

 Kahlil, Brazil

"I work at the Dome in Scarborough as a waiter, I have been there for three months and I am now learning to become a barista. It's a little tricky as I have to know the temperature of the cofee and the milk but I'm looking forward to making beautiful pictures in the coffees I make...but the first step is to make a good coffee! Art is for later!

I like Perth, it's really the opposite of my city in Brazil. Perth is really relaxed and peaceful, which is so different from my home which is so hectic and crazy - a real 24 hour place. I like the school, I have been learning a lot of English in here and the staff are very helpful and kind and cheerful!"



 Zsolt, Hungary

"My name is Zsolt and I am from Hungary. I have been in Australia for just over one year and at Lexis Perth for that entire time. When I started, I started with no English at all but have really improved over the last year. I am now in the academic IELTS class - and although I find that had I'm getting pretty confident with my English! I can talk to everyone now and have been learning Aussie slang so I can pretend to be like a local!

I have a job here, which I've had for six months. I am a driver with a shuttle bus company. I like it as it is fun to talk to people from different places (which is why it's great that my English is better!).

The school here has been fun. I have had some great teachers and have enjoyed being with them. The school is located next to the best beach in Perth, it's great to be able to go surfing and it's nice to see all the beautiful people on the beach!"



Tabea, Germany

Tabea is from Germany and has been in Perth for a year and a half. She is here studying in the IELTS class as she wants to stay in Australia forever. Her English is exceptional and we are sure that she will do very well in her test and get the band score 8 that she is looking for.

Tabea has had quite a few jobs since she has been living here ranging from a door to door sales person (where she was quickly promoted to Sales manager), to being an Au Pair to working in top quality restaurants. She has really enjoyed working here as it's been a great introduction to Australian life and culture. Today, Tabea is going to start a new job in the IGA just up the road from the school. Well done Tabea and good luck!"


Nathan, France

Nathan, from Villepreux (near Paris) has been studying with us at Lexis Perth for 5 months.

"Life in Perth is totally different from life in Paris. It is a much smaller city and pretty easy to get around. The people here are a lot friendlier in general than the people in Paris which makes life really pleasant. The weather has been totally perfect since I've been here. For three months we had beautiful blue sky days and hot weather. It's wonderful to be in this kind of weather as it really encourages one to want to go out, relax and feel happy. I have to say one of the best things about being here at Lexis is that we are so near the beach and so when class is finished we can just go down to the ocean and enjoy the amazing weather. Not only that, but the school is located close to the city as well, so simply we  have the best of both worlds.

Since I've been in Perth, my English has improved a lot. I really didn't speak English before I came to Australia, and now I'm in the FCE class and I think I could actually pass the CAE exam. I have realised after this time that I really like English and that's great for me as now I have the confidence to feel that I can change my future and have English as part of my everyday world. So many more doors have opened for me... That's amazing!

At the moment I  have a small part time job, which is fine as I initially didn't want to work and just wanted to concentrate on studying and learning English. Since my English has improved I am now feeling ready and confident to start to look for more work. In Perth, I think, and from talking to the students here, if you want a job you can find one without too much difficulty. The school has been really helpful in this regard too as they run a job workshop every Wednesday. In those workshops they help you in lots of different ways, such as with help in writing your resume, practical advice for looking for a job and also suggestions for how to make a good impression in English when you go to an interview.

What I really want to say is that the school itself has been perfect. Everyone has been really friendly and helpful. All of the staff, from the student services officer to the manager of the school, all have been patient, helpful and kind. Anytime I have a question they have been willing to help and have given me all of the assistance I need. I can't say enough how happy I am to be here!"


Adriana, Brazil

Adriana has been studying with us for 22 weeks and is working as a waitress at the Rendezvous Hotel just opposite the school.

"It's a great job because I have lots of chances to practise my English. I'm working 20 hours a week and have been working there since I arrived in Scarborough. My favourite evenings at the restaurant are the quiet nights when there are lots of opportunities to speak and talk to the customers. Some of the people I have met have been really interesting.

I've really liked living in Scarborough, most of my friends live around here and it's pretty beautiful with nice sunsets. The school is nice, the people are friendly and relaxed and it's a comfortable environment to live, study and work in."




 Teodora, Hungary

 "Hi everyone, my name is Teodora. I am from Hungary and live just near Budapest. I have been in Perth since August and am currently studying in the Intermediate class. I like my class - my classmates are very kind and very friendly. I really like my teacher Sonya, in my opinion she's a great teacher. I like the school because there are lots of programmes and activities for the students and we have fun together which is nice.

I have a job here in Perth. I work on the weekends cleaning houses. I found the job through gumtree (website) which is a good resource. This week I will start working in a beauty salon as I am a trained beautician. This is a new shop and has only been opened for three weeks so it will be nice to be part of something new.

I like the location of the school. It's lovely in summer and so close to the beach. When I have free time after school I often go down to the beach which is amazing. I'm really happy here, a little bit homesick because it's Christmas but still happy!" 

Dianna, Colombia

"Hello, my name is Dianna and I am a lawyer from Bogota in Colombia. I am studying 6 months General English Full Time and chose the Sunshine Coast campus because it is so different from Bogota. The beach is very far where I live, so I wanted to be near the beach. My teachers are great and I am very pleased with how my English has improved. When I arrived in Australia I couldn't speak English very well, now I am happy with my progress. I live in share house accommodation and like it because I am independent and it is affordable here. I have made many friends, especially at school because I teach a salsa dancing class. I am currently working as a cleaner in the retail store 'Target' at the Sunshine Plaza. I have worked here for 2 months already and work 5 days a week from Monday to Friday before school starts and sometimes on weekends. I like having a job because it pays for my lifestyle here and I am saving to travel around Australia once I finish my course. I found my job on the internet and before this job I was working as a waitress at a Vietnamese restaurant."


 Fabio, Brazil

"My name is Fabio and I am from Brazil. I decided to come to Australia to learn English and meet new people and learn about new cultures. I have met lots of nice people and expanded my knowledge of other cultures. I studied at Lexis for 9 months, 3 months of Cambridge Prepration and 6 months of General English. I started at Elementary and then did Cambridge. I met lots of people and made many friends. I play soccer for the local team in my spare time and now know a lot of Australian people. In my first few months I used to go out but recently I have been focusing on soccer and studying. I have had many jobs here. I have been a cleaner and a kitchen hand. In the future I hope to stay in Australia and have just extended my visa."


 Piotr, Poland

"My name is Piotr and I come from Warsaw in Poland. I chose the Sunshine Coast campus because I researched the area and thought it looked like a nice place to study - it's not a big city like Warsaw and the winter is the same temperature as a Polish summer! I am currently studying General English Full Time and plan to move to IELTS Preparation for 12 weeks. My plan is to enrol in TAFE after my English course, so I can study construction. I am living with a Homestay family who are really nice. They speak to me often, which helps a lot with my English. I work on weekends for a company who put up children's jumping castles and it's great. I have my own company car and I get to travel to a lot of different places and meet a lot of new people, I am never in the same place. I participated in the Lexis Job Workshop which was really helpful to me. It helped me put together a resume and taught me how to find and secure a job in Australia. My hostmother assisted me with finding my job because she works with children and heard there was a job available. My interview for the job was fine, but sometimes my manager was difficult to understand because he is from New Zealand and has a difficult accent, but it was good experience and I got the job! My job has definitely helped me to improve my English because I speak with a lot of different clients and staff. I hope to stay with this job until I finish my course."


Takanori, Japan

 "I'm Takanori from Saitama in Japan. I've already studied for 11 months in Lexis English Sunshine Coast. I am studying IELTS, and studied EAP before it. The Lexis English Sunshine Coast's teachers are very kind and funny, so we can enjoy studying and can ask them many questions.

I chose Sunshine Coast because I really want to work in Australia Zoo as a zookeeper, so I wanted to live near there. Sunshine Coast has many beautiful views, beaches and lovely small cities, and I enjoy school activities such as playing soccer, fishing, going to BBQ's. Especially I like going to 'Student Night' every Thursday after school, which I go to pub with many students from Lexis and talk while we enjoy having a drink! I have made lots of friends here. It's fun, but also a great opportunity to make new friends from different classes and of course improve my English.

I live in Buderim with my host mother and two dogs. I talk with her 1 or 2 hours every day. She is very kind cooks very well! She is like my Australian mother!

I'm also working at a Thai restaurant as a dishwasher and am in charge of deep-frying. I enjoy this job because all staff are very friendly. I am always laughint there and it is a really good way to practice my speaking and listening.

I am having a great experience in Australia with my friends at Lexis English!"


Jerome, France

"My name is Jerome, and I am from Paris, France. I am studying English for 6 weeks and I am in the Pre-Intermediate class. I really want to improve my English for travelling, so I have decided to extend my course at Lexis Sunshine Coast for another 17 weeks. My first tacher was Greg and he was fantastic and my second teacher, Robyn, is very interesting, fun and kind. I decided to study at Lexis Sunshine Coast because it is cheaper than other schools and I am happy with this decision because I love it here! I worked on a farm before come to the Sunshine Coast and I am now living in my old boss' son's house. It is very cheap and I have my own apartment with lounge room, kitchen and king size bed. For a job I was doing farm work, and now that I am studying I work as a labourer. I like my job and it was easy to find work. I really have enjoyed my time here and have had so many great experiences I cannot speak of only one."


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