Homestays are the most popular accommodation option at Lexis.

Homestays provide students that chance to live with a local Australian family, who provide you with a room, meals, a warm welcome and a chance to improve your English at home as well as at school.

We're proud of the quality of our Homestays at Lexis.  All our families are carefully selected and homes regularly inspected by our Accommodation Office team.  We take care to match your interests with a family who we know will give you a great Australian experience.

Homestays provide a great way to know more about the Australian way of life and to speak English every day, all in a comfortable family setting.  There is no better way to practice the English you learn in class than with your Australian family around the dinner table.


Homestay Options

All Lexis schools offer a range of Homestay options. Choose what suits you best, and we will do our best to link you with a local family.

Single Homestay includes breakfast, dinner and three meals per day on weekends.  Rooms private and are equipped with bed, desk and other bedroom furniture and students are invited to join in the day to day life of the host family.

Share homestay is the same as Single Homestay, but students share their room with another guest.  This is a popular option for couples or students travelling with friends.

Homestay Bed and Breakfast provides a fully furnished room, breakfast each morning and access to the kitchen where a student can prepare their own lunch and dinner.  Homestay B&B is popular among students who are looking for more independence, or who are not planning on being home in the evenings!

Executive Homestay provides a higher than normal standard of living, as well as a guaranteed private bathroom.  Many older students select Executive Homestay for their time in Australia.

Junior Homestay is provided for students under the age of 18.  We ensure a warm, inviting local family who are prepared to accept the extra responsibility of caring for a Junior student.  Many Junior Homestays also have children at home.  Please note that students under the age of 18 are required to live in Homestay accommodation and that all meals are provided for Juniors and as part of the Teen Activity Program (TAP) package.

New for 2017 - For any students that have special dietary requirements (such as vegan, gluten free, halal, lactose free, macrobiotic) there will now be a surcharge applied to Homestay bookings.


Making contact with your host family

Many students are eager to make contact with their host family prior to arrival in Australia. 

About a month before your scheduled departure date we will send you a host family profile, including information about the family, the house and the area around your homestay.  We also provide an email address or a Facebook contact for the family, so you can get to know them before arriving in Australia.


Enquiries: +61 (7) 5447 4448   Email Us


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