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Welcome to the Lexis Academic English Test.  if you are thinking of studying Cambridge Preparation, IELTS Preparation or English for Academic Purposes, this is the ideal test to measure your level of English.  If you are thinking of studying General English or one of our Teen Programs, you may want to try the General English Online Test >

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Part 1 - Choose the best option

Each sentence can be completed using one or more of the alternatives (A, B, C, D).   There are between two and four alternatives each time.  In some sentences more than one alternative is possible. 

Choose the most appropriate option and select the corresponding box.

1.  "__________ this week?"   "No, she's on holiday."
A. Is Susan working
B. Does Susan work
C. Does work Susan
2.  I don't understand this sentence.  What __________?
A. does mean this word ?
B. does this word mean ?
C. means this word ?
3.   John __________ tennis once or twice a week.
A. is playing usually
B. is usually playing
C. usually plays
D. plays usually
4.   How __________ now?  Better than before?
A. you are feeling
B. do you feel
C. are you feeling
5.   It was a boring weekend.  __________ anything.
A. I didn't
B. I don't do
C. I didn't do
6.   Tom __________ his hand when he was cooking the dinner.
A. burnt
B. was burning
C. has burnt
7.   Jim is away on holiday.  He __________ to Spain.
A. is gone
B. has gone
C. has been
8.    Everything is going well.  We __________ any problems so far.
A. didn't have
B. don't have
C. haven't had
9.    Linda has lost her passport again.  It's the second time this __________.
A. has happened
B. happens
C. happened
10.   Where's the book I gave you?  What __________ with it?
A. have you done
B. have you been doing
C. are you doing
11.  Sally has been working here __________.
A. for six months
B. since six months
C. six months ago
12.   It's two years __________ Joe.
A. that I don't see
B. that I haven't seen
C. since I didn't see
D. since I saw
13.   They __________ out after lunch and they've just come back.
A. went
B. have gone
C. are gone
14.   The Chinese __________ printing.
A. invented
B. have invented
C. had invented
15.  Ian __________ in Scotland for ten years.  Now he lives in London.
A. lived
B. has lived
C. has been living

Part  2 - Key Word Transformations

For the following questions, complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between two and five words, including the word given.  Here is an example:


Question:  You must do exactly as the manager tells you.  (carry)

Answer:   You must   carry out the manager’s     instructions exactly. 

1.  Question:   I’d rather you didn’t phone me at work   (prefer)

     Answer:     I’d………………………… at work.

2.  Question:  When Mary wanted a new car she had to save up for a year . (Mary)

     Answer:    It ……………………………………………….save up to buy a car.

3.  Question:  Did you leave a tip for the waiter, Sue? I asked. (she)

     Answer:   I asked Sue……………………………………………….a tip for the waiter.

4.  Question:  Lydia went to London so that she could brush up her English. (reason)

     Answer:  Lydia’s  …………………………....that she wanted to brush up her English.

5.  Question:  Everyone was surprised when the government changed its policy.   (took)

     Answer:  The government’s……………………………………………….surprise.

Part 3 - Writing

 Write an answer to the following question. Write your answer in 120 -180 words in an appropriate style on the answer sheet, putting the question number in the box provided.

"You have been asked  to write an article for a magazine about a person who has had a big influence on you.  Describe the person and explain how their actions and character have been important to you."

Please write your answer in the box:


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